PATONA Synchron USB Charger for JVC AAVG1AA-VG1 AAVG1E with LCD The exclusive PATONA Synchron USBCharger for JVC AAVG1 AA-VG1 AAVG1E is capable to charge a batteryand another device over the USB-Output at the same time. The LCD Display shows the current charge level of the battery. Itdoesnt matter if it is connected to a power source or not. It is possible to use a 100-240V wall socket, 12-24V Car charger or5V Micro-USB to power the device. The build in Microchip protects the battery from damage due tooverheating and overload. Compatible to followingbatteries: JVCAAVG1, AA-VG1, AAVG1E, AA-VG1E, AAVG1EUM, AA-VG1EUM, AAVG1U,AA-VG1U, AAVG1US, AA-VG1US, AAVG1USM , AA-VG1USM , BNVG107,BN-VG107, BNVG107AC, BN-VG107AC, BNVG107E, BN-VG107E, BNVG107EU ,BN-VG107EU , BNVG107U, BN-VG107U, BNVG107US, BN-VG107US, BNVG107USM, BN-VG107USM , BNVG108, BN-VG108, BNVG108AC, BN-VG108AC, BNVG108E,BN-VG108E, BNVG108EU , BN-VG108EU , BNVG108U, BN-VG108U, BNVG108US,BN-VG108US, BNVG108USM , BN-VG108USM , BNVG114, BN-VG114,BNVG114AC, BN-VG114AC, BNVG114E, BN-VG114E, BNVG114EU , BN-VG114EU, BNVG114U, BN-VG114U, BNVG114US, BN-VG114US, BNVG114USM ,BN-VG114USM , BNVG121, BN-VG121, BNVG121AC, BN-VG121AC, BNVG121E,BN-VG121E, BNVG121EU , BN-VG121EU , BNVG121U, BN-VG121U, BNVG121US,BN-VG121US, BNVG121USM , BN-VG121USM , BNVG138, BN-VG138,BNVG138AC, BN-VG138AC, BNVG138E, BN-VG138E, BNVG138EU , BN-VG138EU, BNVG138U, BN-VG138U, BNVG138US, BN-VG138US, BNVG138USM ,BN-VG138USM Compatible model number: JVC Everio GZHM965, GZ-HM965, GZHM970, GZ-HM970 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Micro-USB is used as input to power the device. Pictures are only for illustration purposes! Delivery may vary.

  • JVC

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