PATONA Platinum NANO V95 V-Mount 95Wh for Sony DSR 600P 650P 652P HDW 800P PDW 850 BP-150w RED ARRIBrand new to the PATONA Platinum seriesare our high-current NANO V-Mount batteries in a high-qualityhousing. Our batteries are equipped with the latest cell technologyand have been specially designed to handle and maintain high powerconsumption. Protective circuits monitor cell equilibrium,temperature, overcharge and overdischarge to ensure safe and properoperation. Compared to normal V-Mount batteries, the new PATONA NANO V-Mount batteries have an approximately 30% smaller designwith higher performance data. In addition, particular emphasis wasplaced on an appealing and modern design. A 4-stage LED displayshows you the remaining capacity at any time. The P-Tap - D-Tapoutput can be used for lamps and many other external devices.Furthermore the USB output can also be used to charge smartphonesand tablets, for example.[Image id=46992 lightbox=truealt=V-Mount NANO V95, Red Arri ]TechnicalData: Voltage: 14,8 VoltCapacity: 6400mAh - 95WhCell type: Li-IonNumber of cells: 8 x 18650 LGMax. Power rating: 11AOverload protection: 12AP-Tap/D-Tap output voltage: max. 100W, 12.0V/8,3A - 16,8V/5,95AUSB-connection: normal mode 5V/2,4A - fast charging mode: 9 V/2Amaximumweight: 509 grsize: 75 x 105 x 50mmBrand: PATONA PlatinumThebattery is suitable for the following V-Mount cameratypes: Sony Sony DSR 250P, 600P, 650P, 652PHDW 800P PDW 850 DSR-250P, DSR-600P, DSR-650P, DSR-652P, HDW-800P,PDW-850, V-MountThis battery replaces the followingoriginal batteries: Sony BP150w, BP-150w, BPFL75,BP-FL75, BPFLX75, BP-FLX75, BPL40A, BP-L40A, BPL60, BP-L60, BPGL65,BP-GL65, BPGL95, BP-GL95, BPGL95A, BP-GL95A, RED V-mount - BebobVcine Akkus V155RM-CINEThe PATONA Platinum series was developed for a sensationally longlasting photo and film pleasure. The performance of the built-incells is almost inexhaustible. In the PATONA Platinum series, themost advanced cells have been used, which have a quality that isnot only extraordinary, but also impressive at the same time. ThePlatinum series is the highest quality, most durable and mostinnovative series from PATONA . By purchasing a battery from thePATONA Platinum series you acquire an excellent, exquisite productthat will fascinate you.Here you will find an overview of the air transport regulations forLi-ion batteries: /whatwedo/cargo/dgr/Documents/passenger-lithium-battery.pdf

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