PATONA Premium Hot Swap V-Mount Adapterfor 2x V-Mount PATONA NANO Batteries incl. charging functionD-TapNew in ourPATONA V-Mount-series wepresent the V-Mount Converter withcharging function. This makes it possible to use or charge 2PATONA Nano V-Mount batteries simultaneously. A charge statusdisplay informs you about the current charge status of theindividual batteries. Charging can be done via the bidirectionalD-Tap connection. If one battery is empty and two batteries areinserted, the Converter automatically switches to the battery withsufficient charge level.Weare proud to offer you this premium product and wish you muchpleasure using it.Technical data: V-Mount connector - bidirectional D-Tap charging voltage: 16,8VV-Mount connector - bidirectional D-Tap max. Output: 15A4-stage LED charge status displayUninterrupted battery changeHot Swap FunctionCompatibility: PATONA Nano V-Mount Battery and BerenstarghMicro V-Mount BatteryWeight: 374grDimensions: 84 x 145 x 25mm (B x H x T)Brand: PATONA Premium

  • Sony Ericsson

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Prijs: € 245.96

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