PATONA Smart Dual LCD USB Charger for Panasonic DMW-BLG10 CSBLG10MC CS-BLG10MC DMWBLG10 DMW-BLG10 With the new PATONA Smart Dual LCD USBCharger for Canon LP-E12 can be charged two batteries quickly,simultaneously and independently of each other. Differences in thecapacity of the batteries to be charged are irrelevant. It impresses with its innovative technology, its elegant design andits smart size. At 40 grams, it is also extremely light andtherefore the ideal companion when travelling. The state of chargeis shown on the bright 2-line LCD display. The charger can be connected to the power source either via USB-A,USB-C or Micro-USB connection. The integrated robust 19cm longconnection cable is kept in the practical cable storage around thecharger. You will receive a product from PATONA on which you can alwaysrely. Exceptional reliability, long service life and elegant smartdesign will make your photo shoot an unforgettable experience. Technical Specifications: Input: USB-A - USB-C - Micro USB, 5V, 2A, 10W Output: 2 x 8.4V/600mA Weight: 40g Size: 8.5 x 5.5 x 1.7 cm (W x L x D) Scope of supply: Charger, integrated connection cable with USB-Aplug, manual Fits the following cameratypes: Panasonic DC-TX2, DCTX2, DMCGF3, DMC-GF3, DMCGF3C, DMC-GF3C,DMCGF3CK, DMC-GF3CK, DMCGF3CR, DMC-GF3CR, DMCGF3CT, DMC-GF3CT,DMCGF3CW, DMC-GF3CW, DMCGF3K, DMC-GF3K, DMCGF3P, DMC-GF3P, DMCGF3R,DMC-GF3R, DMCGF3T, DMC-GF3T, DMCGF3W, DMC-GF3W, DMCGF3X, DMC-GF3X,DMCGF5, DMC-GF5, DMCGF5X, DMC-GF5X, DMCGF6, DMC-GF6, DMCGX7,DMC-GX7, DMC-GX80, DMCGX80, DMC-GX85, DMCGX85, DMC-LX85, DMCLX85,DMCLX100, DMC-LX100, DMCS6, DMC-S6, DMC-ZS110, DMCS6K, DMC-S6K Fits thefollowing battery models: DMCGF6, DMC-GF6, DMWBLG10, DMW-BLG10

  • Panasonic

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