PATONA Slim micro-USB Charger for SonyNP-F970 NP-F960 NP-F950 DCR-VX2100 HDR-FX1 The PATONA Sony NP-F960 Slim micro-USBCharger is the ideal companion for any trip due to its sleek andslim design. You will receive a product from PATONA that you canalways rely on. Exceptional reliability, long life and stylishdesign will make your photo shoot an unforgettable experience. Thecharger can be powered by the supplied Micro USB cable. High safetydespite low construction, thanks to the integrated automaticshutdown system, this prevents damage to the battery caused byovercharging. TechnicalData: Input: DC 5V - 1,0A Output: DC 8.4V - 500mA Dimension: 8,5 x 4,6 x 2,3 cm Contacts: Micro USB (input) Compatiblemodel number: SONY Video Walkman GV-D1000 SONY CCD-TRV (Hi8), Serie CCD-TRV108, CCD TRV118, CCD-TRV308,CCD-TRV318, CCD-TRV608 SONY DCR-DVD (DVD) Serie DCR-DVD100, DCR-DVD200, DCR-DVD300 SONY DCR-PC (MiniDV) Serie DCR-PC100, DCR-PC101, DCR-PC105, DCR-PC110, DCR-PC115, DCR-PC120BT, DCR-PC330, DCR-PC9, DCR-PC9E SONY DCR-TRV (MiniDV) Serie DCR-TRV10, DCR-TRV11, DCR-TRV140, DCR-TRV17, DCR-TRV18, DCR-TRV19,DCR-TRV20, DCR-TRV22,DCR-TRV22K, DCR-TRV230, DCR-TRV240,DCR-TRV245,DCR-TRV25,DCR-TRV250, DCR-TRV27, DCR-TRV30, DCR-TRV33, DCR-TRV33K,DCR-TRV330, DCR-TRV340, DCR-TRV350,DCR-TRV38, DCR-TRV39,DCR-TRV50, DCR-TRV530,DCR-TRV6, DCR-TRV70, DCR-TRV730,DCR-TRV740,DCR-TRV8, DCR-TRV80, DCR-TRV830,DCR-TRV840,DCR-TRV950 SONY DSC-F (Cyber-shot Pro)Serie DSC-F707, DSC-F717 SONY DSC-S (Cyber-shot Pro)Serie DSC-S30, DSC-S50, DSC-S70, DSC-S75, DSC-S85 SONY MVC-CD (Mavica) Serie MVC-CD200, MVC-CD250, MVC-CD300, MVC-CD350, MVC-CD400, MVC-CD500 SONY BC-V615, SONY DCM-M1, SONYDCR-TRU47E, SONY MVC-CD1000, SONY PLM-100, SONYVCL-ES06A SONY CCD-TR (Hi8) Serie CCD-TR1, CCD-TR200, CCD-TR215, CCD-TR3, CCD-TR300, CCD-TR3000, CCD-TR3300, CCD-TR416,CCD-TR500, CCD-TR516,CCD-TR517, CCD-TR57,CCD-TR555, CCD-TR67, CCD-TR716, CCD-TR76,CCD-TR818, CCD-TR87, CCD-TR910, CCD-TR917,CCD-TR930, CCD-TR940,CCD-TRT97 SONY CCD-TRV (MiniDV) Serie CCD-TRV101, CCD-TRV119, CCD-TRV15, CCD-TRV16, CCD-TRV215,CCD-TRV25,CCD-TRV3000, CCD-TRV315, CCD-TRV35, CCD-TRV36, CCD-TRV37, CCD-TRV4, CCD-TRV41,CCD-TRV43, CCD-TRV46,CCD-TRV51, CCD-TRV517,CCD-TRV57, CCD-TRV58, CCD-TRV615,CCD-TRV62,CCD-TRV65, CCD-TRV66, CCD-TRV67, CCD-TRV68,CCD-TRV715,CCD-TRV716, CCD-TRV72, CCD-TRV720,CCD-TRV75, CCD-TRV78E, CCD-TRV81,CCD-TRV815,CCD-TRV82, CCD-TRV85, CCD-TRV87, CCD-TRV88,CCD-TRV90,CCD-TRV91, CCD-TRV93, CCD-TRV95,CCD-TRV98, CCD-TRV99 SONY CCD-SC (Hi8) Serie CCD-SC5, CCD-SC55, CCD-SC65 SONY DCR-TR7 Serie DCR-TR7000 SONY DCR-TRV (MiniDV) Serie DCR-TRV103, DCR-TRV110, DCR-TRV120, DCR-TRV130,DCR-TRV210,DCR-TRV310, DCR-TRV315, DCR-TRV320,DCR-TRV5, DCR-TRV510,DCR-TRV520, DCR-TRV525,DCR-TRV7, DCR-TRV720, DCR-TRV820,DCR-TRV9,DCR-TRV900 SONY DCR-TV Serie DCR-TV900, DCR-TV900E SONY DCR-VX (MiniDV) Serie DCR-VX1000, DCR-VX2000, DCR-VX2100, DCR-VX700,DCR-VX9Serie SONY DSC-CD Serie DSC-CD100, DSC-CD250, DSC-CD400 SONY DSC-D (Cyber-shot Point &Shoot) Serie DSC-D700, DSC-D770 SONY DSR Serie DSR-200, DSR-300, DSR-PD100A SONY GV (Video Walkman) Serie GV-A500, GV-A500E, GV-D200, GV-D800 SONY MVC-FD (Mavica) Serie MVC-FD100, MVC-FD200, MVC-FD5, MVC-FD51,MVC-FD7, MVC-FD71,MVC-FD73, MVC-FD75,MVC-FD81, MVC-FD83, MVC-FD85, MVC-FD87,MVC-FD88,MVC-FD90, MVC-FD91, MVC-FD91AOL,MVC-FD92, MVC-FD95,MVC-FD97 Compatiblepart number: Sony NP-FM50,NP-QM51, NP-QM71, NP-QM91, NP-F550, NP-F750,NP-F960, NP-F970, NP-FM500, NP-FM500H

  • Sony Ericsson

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