PATONA Slim micro-USB Charger for Panasonic DMW-BCF10E Lumix DMC-FS7 DMCLX5 DMCLX5 DMC-LX5The PATONA Panasonic DMW-BCF10E Slimmicro-USB Charger is the ideal companion for any trip due to itssleek and slim design. You will receive a product from PATONA thatyou can always rely on. Exceptional reliability, long life andstylish design will make your photo shoot an unforgettableexperience. The charger can be powered by the supplied Micro USBcable. High safety despite low construction, thanks to theintegrated automatic shutdown system, this prevents damage to thebattery caused by overcharging.TechnicalData: Input: DC 5V - 1,0AOutput: DC 8.4V - 500mADimension: 5,2 x 4,0 x 1,8 cmContacts: Micro USB (input)Compatiblemodel number: PanasonicLumix DMC-FS7, DMCLX5, DMCLX5, DMC-LX5, DMC-LX5, DMCLX5K,DMC-LX5K, DMCLX5W, DMC-LX5W, FS12, FS25, FS42, FS62, FT1, FX40,FX48, FX500, FX550, FX-580, LX5, LX-5, LX5W, LX-5W, TS1Lumix DMCFP8, DMC-FP8,DMCFP8A, DMC-FP8A, DMCFP8G, DMC-FP8G, DMCFP8K, DMC-FP8K, DMCFP8N,DMC-FP8N, DMCFP8P, DMC-FP8P, DMCFP8R, DMC-FP8R, DMCFP8S, DMC-FP8S,DMCFP8V, DMC-FP8V, DMCFX60, DMC-FX60, DMCFX60A, DMC-FX60A,DMCFX60K, DMC-FX60K, DMCFX60N, DMC-FX60N, DMCFX60P, DMC-FX60P,DMCFX60S, DMC-FX60SPanasonicLumix DMC-TZ10, DMC-TZ18, DMC-TZ20, DMC-TZ22, DMCTZ6,DMC-TZ6, DMC-TZ7, DMC-TZ8, DMC-ZS1, DMC-ZS3, DMC-ZX3Compatiblepart number: BCJ13, BCJ13E, DMWBCF10, DMW-BCF10, DMWBCF10E, DMW-BCF10E,DMWBCG10, DMW-BCG10, DMWBCG10E, DMW-BCG10E, DMWBCJ13, DMW-BCJ13,DMWBCJ13E, DMW-BCJ13E

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