PATONA Slim micro-USB Charger for CanonBP-808 FSxx FS10 FS-10 FS100 FS-100 FS11 FS-11 BP-808 HF The PATONA Canon BP-808 Slim micro-USBCharger is the ideal companion for any trip due to its sleek andslim design. You will receive a product from PATONA that you canalways rely on. Exceptional reliability, long life and stylishdesign will make your photo shoot an unforgettable experience. Thecharger can be powered by the supplied Micro USB cable. High safetydespite low construction, thanks to the integrated automaticshutdown system, this prevents damage to the battery caused byovercharging. TechnicalData: Input: DC 5V - 1,0A Output: DC 8.4V - 500mA Dimension: 5,2 x 4,0 x 1,8 cm Contacts: Micro USB (input) Compatiblemodel number: Canon FSxx FS10, FS-10, FS100, FS-100, FS11, FS-11 HF HFG30, HF-G30 HFxx HF10, HF100, HF11 HGxx HG20, HG-20, HG21,HG-21 IVIS HFxx HF10, HF100, HF100,HF-100, HF11, HF20, HF-20, HF200, HF-200, HFS10, HF-S10, HFS100,HF-S100, HFS11, IVIS HF-10, IVIS HF-100, IVIS HF-11, IVISHF-S11 IVIS HGxx HG20, HG-20, HG21,HG21, HG-21, HG-21, HG30, HG-30 Legria G10, G20, G25, HF G30,M30, M300, M301, M31, M32, M40, M400, M41, S10, S11, S1400 Legria FSxx FS19, FS-19, FS20,FS-20, FS200, FS-200, FS21, FS-21, FS22, FS-22, FS305, FS-305,FS306, FS-306, FS307, FS-307, FS36, FS-36, FS37, FS-37 Legria HF-Mxx HFM306 HD,HF-M306 HD, HFM31 HD, HF-M31 HD, HFM36 HD, HF-M36 HD Legria HF-Sxx HFS10 HD, HF-S10HD, HFS20 HD, HF-S20 HD, HFS200 HD, HF-S200 HD, HFS21 HD, HF-S21HD Legria HFxx HF200, HF-200,HF21, HF-21, HFM306, HF-M306, HFM31, HF-M31, HFM36, HF-M36, HFS10,HF-S10, HFS100, HF-S100, HFS11, HF-S11, HFS20, HF-S20, HFS21,HF-S21 XA XA20, XA25 Vixia Compatiblepart number: Canon BP808, BP-808, BP819, BP-819, BP820, BP-820, BP827, BP-827,BP828, BP-828

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