PATONA Dual V-Mount Charger for SonyBP-95W BP-GL65 BP-190WS incl. 4-Pin XLR cableThe PATONA Dual V-Mount charger for Sonyis able to charge two batteries, simultaneously, quickly andindependently of each other. It doesnt matter if the two batterieshave the same capacity. This device has a DC XLR-Output wherecompatible third party devices can be operated and charged. If theXLR output is used, the batteries cant be charged at the same time.The charger can also be used as a backup power supply without ACpower connection. Furthermore the XLR connector can be used topower a third-party device when charged batteries are inserted. Theintegrated, microcontroller-guided charging technologyautomatically detects the required voltage of the inserted batteryand prevents overcharging or overheating. The charger has a wingstand to maintain a compact design that nevertheless a secure standis guaranteed. This V-mount system for batteries is a standard thatwill probably be used more and more in cameras and camcorders thenext years. This charger is compatible with all batteries based onthe V-Mount system. Important information like Connected AC mainsconnection, inserted batteries and charging or discharging ofconnected batteries are shown by multicolor LEDs.Technical specifications: Input: AC 100V-240V 50 - 60Hz 2A (max)Output: DC 16.5V - 4.5A (4 pin XLR connector)Output: 16.8V - 3A x1 16.8V - 2A x2Scope of delivery: 1x Dual V-Mount charger 1x power cable 1x 3m4 pin XLR cable 1x description German - EnglishCompatible model number: JVC GY HM850E, HM890E,GY-HM850E, GY-HM890ESony DSR 250P, 250P, 600P,600P, 650P, 650P, 652P, 652P, HDW 800P, 800P, PDW 850, 850,DSR-250P, DSR-250P, DSR-600P, DSR-600P, DSR-650P, DSR-650P,DSR-652P, DSR-652P, HDW-800P, HDW-800P, PDW-850, PDW-850Compatible to followingbatteries: JVC AN-150W, BL-BP150, BP-150S, BP-150W, BP-90W Panasonic AN-150W,BL-BP150, BP-150S, BP-150W, BP-90W Sony BP150w, BP-150w, BP190w,BPFL75, BP-FL75, BPFLX75, BP-FLX75, BPL40A, BP-L40A, BP-190w,BP95w, BP-95w, BPGL65, BPGL65, BP-GL65, BP-GL65, BPGL95, BPGL95,BP-GL95, BP-GL95, BPGL95A, BPGL95A, BP-GL95A , BP-GL95APictures are only for illustrationpurposes! Delivery may vary.

  • Sony Ericsson

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