PATONA 2-Port D-TAP Outdoor AdapterSplitter Hub 1 male D-TAP to 2 female D-TAPNew to the PATONA -ange is our 2-way D-TAP outdoorsplitter. This splitter splits one port to 2 ports (1 male D-TAP to2 female D-TAP) so that the power port can be used for multipledevices with D-TAP port at the same time.TechnicalData: Input: 16.8V - 6A max.Output: 16.8V - 6A x1, 3A x2 max.Length of cable ca: 22cmWeight: ca. 68gBrand: PATONA The images are sample images, thedelivered item may differ. Offered is a product of the qualitybrand PATONA .

  • Sony Ericsson

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Prijs: € 19.95

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