PATONA Premium PD100W MultifunctionalD-Tap to USB-C Adapter for Mobile Power SupplyThe PATONA PD100W is an adapter fromD-Tap to USB-C. As a special highlight: The power supply works inboth directions, i.e. with this adapter the battery can supply andreceive power. Due to its size and weight, it is smaller andlighter than a conventional charger.Application options: 1.) The battery suppliespower: The device to be charged is connected to the adaptervia the USB-C port, the D-Tap connector of the adapter is connectedto the D-Tap output of the battery pack.2.) The battery Receivespower: A USB power adapter is connected to the USB-C output,and the D-Tap plug of the adapter is connected to the D-Tap outputof the battery. The battery is now charged.Compatibilities: compatoble to: Samsung SFC/AFC and PPS as well as QC, PD andHuawei SCPExamplesloading times: (data without guarantee)95Wh Li-Ionen-Battery: 50 Minutes; 80 % Loading capacity145Wh Li-Ionen-Battery: 75 Minutes; 80 % Loading capacity284Wh Li-Ionen-Battery: 215 Minutes; 80 % Loading capacityTechnicalData: Bi-directional transfer from D-Tap to USB-Cmaximum power transmission: 100WD-Tap Output - Input: 12V 16,8V, 10AUSB-C Output - Input: 3V 20V, 5Aintelligent recognition of charging protocolsSupported charging protocols: FCP, AFC, SCP, DRP, Try SRC,PD3.0, QC2 - QC3.0 - QC3.0+automatic adjustment of the output voltageProtection against over/under voltage, short circuit andoverload of the battery packStand-by power consumption: 0,18mALED control light (blue light during operation, no light whennot connected)Material: aluminum alloy, plasticDimensions: 250 x 35 x 17mm (L x B x H)Weight: 52grBrand: PATONA Premium

  • Sony Ericsson

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