PATONA Dual LCD USB Charger for DJI OsmoAction Kamera AB1 P01Compatibleto following batteries: DJI Osmo Actioncam AB1, P01Compatible model number: DJIOsmo Action AB 1Technical Data: Input: Micro USB 5V - 2,1A (max.) - Type-USB-C 5V - 2,1A (max.)Output: 4,2V - 4,35VL 700mA x1 , 700mA x2H 700mA x1, 700mA x2Output: 4,2V/4,35V - 700mL 700mA x1 , 700mA x2H 700mA x1, 700mA x2Pictures are only for illustration purposes - delivery may vary.Offered is a product of the quality brand PATONA .

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