PATONA Dual Charger for Olympus OM-1BLX-1The PATONA Olypmus BLX-1 Dual Charger isthe ideal companion for on the go. Not only the elegant design, butalso the low weight will convince you. The dual charger is a reallightweight and that is exactly why it will find use on private orbusiness trips. But also at home, the charger can be used reliablyand is a real help for your photo projects.The PATONA Dual Charger was developed under the strictest qualitycontrols and has all electronic safety features. You can charge 2batteries simultaneously with the dual charger. The included MicroUSB cable allows you to power the device. Any standard USB port canbe used for this purpose. Your batteries are also protected fromovercharging, as the charger has an integrated automatic shutdownsystem.Technical Data: Input: 5V 2,1AOutput: 8,4V 500mA x2Thecharger is suitable for the following camera models: Olymps OM-1Designation of the compatibleoriginal batteries: Olympus BLX-1Additional information: This charger is a high quality product of the PATONA brand -designed and developed by German engineers.Pictures are only for illustration purposes - delivery may vary.Offered is a product of the quality brand PATONA .

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