PATONA Dual Quick-Charger for GoProFusion, ASBBA-001 incl. Micro-USB cableThe PATONA GoPro Fusion Charger is idealfor travelers or business users, because of its compact portabledesign. It is a practical and reliable companion for every digitalphoto shooting. It is possible to charge 2 batteries at the sametime. The charger can be powered with the included micro USB cableover every standard USB port. The automatic cut-off system willprevent damage to the batteries due to overcharge.TechnicalData: Input: DC 5V - 2,1AOutput: DC 4.35V - 750mA x2Dimension: 6,5 x 4,5 x 2,3 cmContacts: Micro USB (input), USB C (input), 2 charging trays(output)Compatiblemodel number: GoPro FusionCompatiblepart number: GoPro ASBBA-001

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Prijs: € 10.95

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