PATONA Synchron USB Charger for SonyNP-FM50 NP-F550 NP-F750 NP-F970 with LCDThe exclusive PATONA Synchron USBCharger for Hitachi DZBP07S DZ-BP07S is capable to charge a batteryand another device over the USB-Output at the same time.The LCD Display shows the current charge level of the battery. Itdoesnt matter if it is connected to a power source or not.It is possible to use a 100-240V wall socket, 12-24V Car charger or5V Micro-USB to power the device.The build in Microchip protects the battery from damage due tooverheating and overload.Compatible to followingbatteries: HitachiDZBP07S, DZ-BP07S, DZBP14, DZ-BP14, DZBP14S, DZ-BP14S, DZBP16,DZ-BP16, DZBP21S, DZ-BP21S, DZBP28, DZ-BP28Panasonic CGADU06, CGA-DU06,CGADU07, CGA-DU07, CGADU14, CGA-DU14, CGADU21, CGA-DU21, CGPD281B,CGP-D281B, CGPD28A, CGP-D28A, CGPD28A/1B, CGP-D28A/1B, CGRD08A,CGR-D08A, CGRD120, CGR-D120, CGRD210, CGR-D210, CGRD220, CGR-D220,CGRD320, CGR-D320, VWVBD070, VW-VBD070, VWVBD140, VW-VBD140,VWVBD210, VW-VBD210, VWVBD25, VW-VBD25Sony NPFM30, NP-FM30, NPFM50,NP-FM50, NPFM70, NP-FM70, NPFM90, NP-FM500, NP-FM90, NPQM51,NP-QM51, NPQM51D, NP-QM51D, NPQM71, NP-QM71, NPQM71D, NP-QM71D,NPQM9, NP-QM9, NPQM91D, NP-QM91D, NP-F970Compatible model number: HitachiDZ-MV DZMV200A, DZ-MV200A, DZMV200E, DZ-MV200E, DZMV208E,DZ-MV208E, DZMV230A, DZ-MV230A, DZMV230E, DZ-MV230E, DZMV250,DZ-MV250, DZMV270A, DZ-MV270A, DZMV270E, DZ-MV270EDZBP14, DZ-BP14, DZBP16, DZ-BP16, DZBP28, DZ-BP28, DZMV350A,DZ-MV350A, DZMV350E, DZ-MV350E, DZMV380A, DZ-MV380A, DZMV380E,DZ-MV380E, DZMV550A, DZ-MV550A, DZMV580A, DZ-MV580APanasonicNVD NVDA1B, NV-DA1B, NVDS11, NV-DS11, NVDS12B, NV-DS12B,NVDS15, NV-DS15, NVDS150, NV-DS150, NVDS150B, NV-DS150B, NVDS25,NV-DS25, NVDS27 , NV-DS27 , NVDS28 , NV-DS28 , NVDS29 , NV-DS29 ,NVDS3, NVDS30, NV-DS30, NVDS33, NVDS37, NV-DS37, NVDS38, NV-DS38,NVDS55, NV-DS55, NVDS60, NV-DS60, NVDS65EG, NV-DS65EG, NVDS77B,NVDS8, NV-DS8, NVDS88, NV-DS88, NVDS89, NV-DS89, NVDS99, NV-DS99,NVDS990, NV-DS990NVEX NVEX1B, NVEX21, NV-EX21,NVEX3, NV-EX3NV-GS NVGS1, NV-GS1, NVGS11,NV-GS11, NVGS11EG, NV-GS11EG, NVGS3, NV-GS3, NVGS5, NV-GS5, NVGS8,NV-GS-8, NVGX7, NV-GX7NV-MX NVMX1, NV-MX1, NVMX2,NV-MX2, NVMX300, NV-MX300, NVMX350, NV-MX350, NVMX5, NV-MX5, NVMX7,NV-MX7, NVMX8, NV-MX8, NVX500, NV-X500PV-DV PVDV100, PV-DV100,PVDV100K, PV-DV100K, PVDV200, PV-DV200, PVDV200K, PV-DV200K,PVDV400, PV-DV400, PVDV400K, PV-DV400K, PVDV600, PV-DV600,PVDV600K, PV-DV600K, PVDV700, PV-DV700, PVDV710, PV-DV710, PVDV800,PV-DV800, PVDV800K, PV-DV800K, PVDVP8A, PV-DVP8-AAG-DVC15, CGRD120, CGR-D120, CGRD210, CGR-D210, CGRD220, CGR-D220,CGRD320, CGR-D320, NVGS10, NV-GS10, NVGS120, NV-GS120, NVGS150,NV-GS150, NVGS17, NV-GS17, NVGS200, NV-GS200, NVGS21, NV-GS21,NVGS22, NV-GS22, NVGS30, NV-GS30, NVGS33, NV-GS33, NVGS35, NV-GS35,NVGS400, NV-GS400, NVGS50, NV-GS50, NVGS55K, NV-GS55K, NVGS70,NV-GS70, NVGS75, NV-GS75, NVGS75EG, NV-GS75EG, NVGS75EK, NV-GS75EK,PVBP8, PV-BP8, PVGS120, PV-GS120, PVGS200, PV-GS200, PVGS50,PV-GS50, PVGS50S, PV-GS50S, PVGS55, PV-GS55, PVGS70, PV-GS70,VDRM30, VDR-M30, VDRM50, VDR-M50, VDRM70, VDR-M70, VWVBD25,VW-VBD25SonyCCD CCDTRV106K, CCD-TRV106K, CCDTRV108, CCD-TRV108,CCDTRV116, CCD-TRV116, CCDTRV118, CCD-TRV118, CCDTRV128,CCD-TRV128, CCDTRV208, CCD-TRV208, CCDTRV218E, CCD-TRV218E,CCDTRV228, CCD-TRV228, CCDTRV308, CCD-TRV308, CCDTRV318,CCD-TRV318, CCDTRV328, CCD-TRV328, CCDTRV408, CCD-TRV408,CCDTRV418, CCD-TRV418, CCDTRV418E, CCD-TRV418E, CCDTRV428,CCD-TRV428, CCDTRV608, CCD-TRV608, CCDTRV730, CCD-TRV730,CCDTRV740, CCD-TRV740DCR DCRDVD100, DCR-DVD100,DCRDVD101, DCR-DVD101, DCRDVD101E, DCR-DVD101E, DCRDVD200,DCR-DVD200, DCRDVD201, DCR-DVD201, DCRDVD201E, DCR-DVD201E,DCRDVD300, DCR-DVD300, DCRDVD91, DCR-DVD91, DCRDVD91E, DCR-DVD91E,DCRHC14, DCR-HC14, DCRPC101, DCR-PC101, DCRPC105, DCR-PC105,DCRPC110, DCR-PC110, DCRPC115, DCR-PC115, DCRPC120BT, DCR-PC120BT,DCRPC330, DCR-PC330, DCRPC9, DCR-PC9, DCRPC9E,, DCR-PC9E,,DCRTRV10, DCR-TRV10, DCRTRV11, DCR-TRV11, DCRTRV12, DCR-TRV12,DCRTRV14, DCR-TRV14, DCRTRV140, DCR-TRV140, DCRTRV15, DCR-TRV15,DCRTRV16, DCR-TRV16, DCRTRV17, DCR-TRV17, DCRTRV18, DCR-TRV18,DCRTRV19, DCR-TRV19, DCRTRV20, DCR-TRV20, DCRTRV22, DCR-TRV22,DCRTRV23, DCR-TRV23, DCRTRV230, DCR-TRV230, DCRTRV24, DCR-TRV24,DCRTRV240, DCR-TRV240, DCRTRV245, DCR-TRV245, DCRTRV25, DCR-TRV25,DCRTRV250, DCR-TRV250, DCRTRV255, DCR-TRV255, DCRTRV265,DCR-TRV265, DCRTRV27, DCR-TRV27, DCRTRV30, DCR-TRV30, DCRTRV33,DCR-TRV33, DCRTRV330, DCR-TRV330, DCRTRV340, DCR-TRV340, DCRTRV350,DCR-TRV350, DCRTRV38, DCR-TRV38, DCRTRV39, DCR-TRV39, DCRTRV40,DCR-TRV40, DCRTRV460, DCR-TRV460, DCRTRV50, DCR-TRV50, DCRTRV530,DCR-TRV530, DCRTRV6, DCR-TRV6, DCRTRV60, DCR-TRV60, DCRTRV60E,DCR-TRV60E, DCRTRV70, DCR-TRV70, DCRTRV730, DCR-TRV730, DCRTRV740,DCR-TRV740, DCRTRV75, DCR-TRV75, DCRTRV8, DCR-TRV8, DCRTRV80,DCR-TRV80, DCRTRV830, DCR-TRV830, DCRTRV840, DCR-TRV840, DCRTRV950,DCR-TRV950DSC DSCF707, DSC-F707,DSCF717, DSC-F717, DSCF828, DSC-F828, DSCP12, DSC-P12, DSCR1,DSC-R1, DSCS30, DSC-S30, DSCS50, DSC-S50, DSCS70, DSC-S70, DSCS75,DSC-S75, DSCS85, DSC-S85MVC MVCCD200, MVC-CD200,MVCCD250, MVC-CD250, MVCCD300, MVC-CD300, MVCCD350, MVC-CD350,MVCCD400, MVC-CD400, MVCCD500, MVC-CD500GVD1000Technical Data: Input: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz400mA (max)DC 12-24V 1300mA (min)Micro USB 5V 1000mAOutput: DC 4,2V - 8,4V 800mAUSB Output: DC 5V 1000mAAttention: As a safety measure the USB-Output will automaticallydeactivated if Micro-USB is used as input to power the device.Pictures are only for illustration purposes! Delivery may vary.

  • Sony Ericsson

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