PATONA Synchron USB Charger for JVCBNV408 BN-V408 with LCDThe exclusive PATONA Synchron USBCharger for JVC BNV408 BN-V408 is capable to charge a battery andanother device over the USB-Output at the same time.The LCD Display shows the current charge level of the battery. Itdoesnt matter if it is connected to a power source or not.It is possible to use a 100-240V wall socket, 12-24V Car charger or5V Micro-USB to power the device.The build in Microchip protects the battery from damage due tooverheating and overload.Compatible to followingbatteries: JVCBNV408, BN-V408Compatible model number: JVCD D30, D47AC, D70K, D90K, GRD33AC, GR-D33AC, GRD50K,GR-D50KDV DV1800, DV2000, DV300DVL DV2000U, DVL100, DVL100,DVL105, DVL105, DVL107, DVL107, DVL108, DVL108, DVL109, DVL109,DVL150, DVL157, DVL160, DVL167, DVL200, DVL200, DVL205, DVL205,DVL300, DVL300, DVL305, DVL305, DVL307, DVL307, DVL308, DVL308,DVL309, DVL309, DVL355, DVL357, DVL357, DVL365, DVL367, DVL450,DVL500, DVL500, DVL507, DVL507, DVL555, DVL557, DVL567, DVL765,DVL767, DVL800, DVL800, DVL805, DVL805, DVL865, DVL867, GRDVL1170,GR-DVL1170GR-D GRD-20, GR-D50K, GR-D70K,GR-D90KGR-DV GR-DV2000U, GR-DV4000,GR-DV5000, GR-DVL310, GR-DVL310U, GR-DVL505U, GR-DVL510U,GR-DVL915U310, 228AC, 238AC, 23AC, 30AC, 310U, 5000U, 505U, 510U, 515U, 53AC,60AC, 73AC, 915U, 93ACTechnical Data: Input: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz400mA (max)DC 12-24V 1300mA (min)Micro USB 5V 1000mAOutput: DC 4,2V - 8,4V 800mAUSB Output: DC 5V 1000mAAttention: As a safety measure the USB-Output will automaticallydeactivated if Micro-USB is used as input to power the device.Pictures are only for illustration purposes! Delivery may vary.

  • JVC

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