PATONA Synchron USB Charger for PanasonicBCK7 BCK7E with LCDThe exclusive PATONA Synchron USBCharger for Panasonic BCK7 BCK7E is capable to charge a battery andanother device over the USB-Output at the same time.The LCD Display shows the current charge level of the battery. Itdoesnt matter if it is connected to a power source or not.It is possible to use a 100-240V wall socket, 12-24V Car charger or5V Micro-USB to power the device.The build in Microchip protects the battery from damage due tooverheating and overload.Compatible to followingbatteries: PanasonicBCK7, BCK7E, DMWBCK7E , DMW-BCK7ESamsung SLB11A, SLB-11ACompatible model number: PanasonicLumix DMC78FXW, DMC-78FXW, DMCFH2, DMC-FH2, DMCFH25,DMC-FH25, DMCFH25A, DMC-FH25A, DMCFH25K, DMC-FH25K, DMCFH25R,DMC-FH25R, DMCFH25S, DMC-FH25S, DMCFH25V, DMC-FH25V, DMCFH27,DMC-FH27, DMCFH27GK, DMC-FH27GK, DMCFH27K, DMC-FH27K, DMCFH27R,DMC-FH27R, DMCFH27S, DMC-FH27S, DMCFH2A, DMC-FH2A, DMCFH2GK,DMC-FH2GK, DMCFH2K, DMC-FH2K, DMCFH2P, DMC-FH2P, DMCFH2R, DMC-FH2R,DMCFH2S, DMC-FH2S, DMCFH5, DMC-FH5, DMCFH5K, DMC-FH5K, DMCFH5N,DMC-FH5N, DMCFH5P, DMC-FH5P, DMCFH5S, DMC-FH5S, DMCFH5V , DMC-FH5V, DMCFH7, DMC-FH7, DMCFP5, DMC-FP5, DMCFP5A, DMC-FP5A, DMCFP5G,DMC-FP5G, DMCFP5K, DMC-FP5K, DMCFP5P, DMC-FP5P, DMCFP5S , DMC-FP5S, DMCFP7, DMC-FP7, DMCFP7A, DMC-FP7A, DMCFP7GK, DMC-FP7GK, DMCFP7K,DMC-FP7K, DMCFP7N, DMC-FP7N, DMCFP7P, DMC-FP7P, DMCFP7R, DMC-FP7R,DMCFP7S, DMC-FP7S, DMCFS16, DMCFS16, DMC-FS16, DMC-FS16, DMCFS16A,DMC-FS16A, DMCFS16K, DMC-FS16K, DMCFS16P, DMC-FS16P, DMCFS16R,DMC-FS16R, DMCFS16S, DMC-FS16S, DMCFS18, DMCFS18, DMC-FS18,DMC-FS18, DMCFS18K, DMC-FS18K, DMCFS18N, DMC-FS18N, DMCFS18P,DMC-FS18P, DMCFS18S, DMC-FS18S, DMCFS18V , DMC-FS18V , DMCFS22,DMC-FS22, DMCFS35, DMCFS35, DMC-FS35, DMC-FS35, DMCFS35A,DMC-FS35A, DMCFS35K, DMC-FS35K, DMCFS35R, DMC-FS35R, DMCFS35S,DMC-FS35S, DMCFS35V, DMC-FS35V, DMCFS37, DMC-FS37, DMCFS37K,DMC-FS37K, DMCFS37R, DMC-FS37R, DMCFS37S, DMC-FS37S, DMCFX77,DMCFX77, DMC-FX77, DMC-FX77, DMCFX77A, DMC-FX77A, DMCFX77K,DMC-FX77K, DMCFX77N, DMC-FX77N, DMCFX77P, DMC-FX77P, DMCFX77S,DMC-FX77S, DMCFX77W, DMC-FX77W, DMCFX78, DMC-FX78, DMCFX78A,DMC-FX78A, DMCFX78K, DMC-FX78K, DMCFX78N, DMC-FX78N, DMCFX78P,DMC-FX78P, DMCFX78S, DMC-FX78S, DMCS1, DMC-S1, DMCS1A, DMC-S1A,DMCS1GK, DMC-S1GK, DMCS1K, DMC-S1K, DMCS1N, DMC-S1N, DMCS1P,DMC-S1P, DMCS1S, DMC-S1S, DMCS1W, DMC-S1W, DMCS3, DMC-S3, DMCS3A,DMC-S3A, DMCS3GK, DMC-S3GK, DMCS3K, DMC-S3K, DMCS3PA, DMC-S3PA,DMCS3R , DMC-S3R , DMCS3V, DMC-S3VSamsungCL CL65, CL80EC ECWB100B, EC-WB100B,EC-WB100BBP/E3, ECWB100BBPE3EX EX1HZ HZ25W, HZ30W, HZ35W,HZ35WST ST1000, ST5000, ST5500TL TL240, TL320, TL500WB WB100, WB1000, WB5000,WB610, WB650, WB660Technical Data: Input: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz400mA (max)DC 12-24V 1300mA (min)Micro USB 5V 1000mAOutput: DC 4,2V - 8,4V 800mAUSB Output: DC 5V 1000mAAttention: As a safety measure the USB-Output will automaticallydeactivated if Micro-USB is used as input to power the device.Pictures are only for illustration purposes! Delivery may vary.

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