PATONA 4in1 Charger for JVCBattery-BN-VF707 BN-VF714 BN-VF733 + KFZWith this new charger system battery can becharged on 4 different ways: 2-plug power cable, car adapter,Micro-USB cable or USB cable. If you travel you will be veryflexible due to 4 different charging possibilities.Compatible to followingbatteries: JVC-BN-VF707, BN-VF714, BN-VF733Compatible modelnumber: JVC GR-D Series: GR-D29, GR-D239, GR-D239E, GR-D240, GR-D240E, GR-D240EG,GR-D240EXGR-D245, GR-D245E, GR-D245EG, GR-D246, GR-D247, GR-D250,GR-D250UGR-D250US, GR-D270, GR-D270US, GR-D270E, GR-D270EG, GR-D270EX,GR-D271GR-D271US, GR-D275, GR-D275US, GR-D290, GR-D290E, GR-D290AC,GR-D290AHGR-D290EG, GR-D290US, GR-D295, GR-D295US, GR-D325, GR-D325E,GR-D325EGGR-D345, GR-D345E, GR-D345EG, GR-D450, GR-D450E, GR-D450EG,GR-D270GR-D270E, GR-D270EG, GR-D270EX, GR-D270U, GR-D270US, GR-D271GR-D271US, GR-D275, GR-D275US, GR-D290, GR-D290E, GR-D290EG,GR-D290USGR-D290AC, GR-D290AH, GR-D295, GR-D295US, GR-D320, GR-D320E,GR-D320EXGR-D320AA, GR-D320EK, GR-D340, GR-D340E, GR-D340EX, GR-D340AAGR-D340EK, GR-D345, GR-D345E, GR-D345EG, GR-D350, GR-D350E,GR-D350EXGR-D350AA, GR-D350EK, GR-D350US, GR-D350EZ, GR-D360, GR-D360EGR-D360EX, GR-D360AA, GR-D360EK, GR-D370, GR-D370E, GR-D370EXGR-D370AA, GRD370EK GR-D370US, GR-D370EZ, GR-D395, GR-D395E,GR-D395EXGR-D395AA, GR-D395EK, GRD395EZ, GR-D395US, GR-D396, GR-D396EGR-D396EX, GR-D396AA, GR-D396EK, GR-D396EZ, GR-D396US, GR-D450GR-D450E, GR-D450EG, GR-D650, GR-D650E, GR-D650EX,GR-D650AA,GR-D650EKJVC GR-DF Series: GZ-DF240EX, GR-DF420, GR-DF420EX, GR-DF425, GR-DF430,GR-DF430USGR-DF450, GR-DF450U, GR-DF450US, GR-DF470, GR-DF470US, GR-DF520GR-DF540 GR-DF540EX GR-DF550, GR-DF550US, GR-DF565, GR-DF570GZ-DF270EX, GR-DF590JVC GR-X Series: GR-X5, GR-X5E, GR-X5EX, GR-X5USJVC GZ-D Series: GZ-D240, GZ-D270, GZ-DF420, GZ-DF470JVC GZ-DF Series: GZ-DF240E, GZ-DF240AA, GZ-DF240EK, GZ-DF270E, GZ-DF270AA,GZ-DF270EKGZ-DF420, GR-DF420EX, GR-DF425E, GR-DF430, GR-DF430US, GR-DF450,GR-DF450UGZ-DF470, GR-DF470US, GR-DF520, GR-DF540, GR-DF540EXGR-DF550, GR-DF550US, GR-DF565, GR-DF570, GR-DF590JVC GZ-MG Series (Everio): GZ-MG20, GZ-MG20E, GZ-MG20EK, GZ-MG20AA, GZ-MG20EX, GZ-MG20USGZ-MG21, GZ-MG21E, GZ-MG21EX, GZ-MG21AA, GZ-MG21EK, GZ-MG24GZ-MG24E, GZ-MG24EX, GZ-MG24AA, GZ-MG24EK, GZ-MG26, GZ-MG26EGZ-MG26EX, GZ-MG26AA, GZ-MG26EK, GZ-MG27, GZ-MG27E, GZ-MG27EXGZ-MG27AA, GZ-MG27EK, GZ-MG30, GZ-MG30E, GZ-MG30AA, GZ-MG30EKGZ-MG30EX, GZ-MG30US, GZ-MG30U, GZ-MG33, GZ-MG36, GZ-MG36EGZMG36EX GZ-MG36AA, GZ-MG36EK, GZ-MG37, GZ-MG37E, GZ-MG37EXGZ-MG37AA, GZ-MG37EK, GZ-MG39, GZ-MG39E, GZ-MG39EX, GZ-MG39AAGZ-MG39EK, GZ-MG40, GZ-MG40AA, GZ-MG40E GZ-MG40EK, GZ-MG40EXGZ-MG40US, GZ-MG50, GZ-MG50E, GZ-MG50AA, GZ-MG50EK, GZ-MG50EXGZ-MG50US, GZ-MG60, GZ-MG60E, GZ-MG60EK, GZ-MG60EX, GZ-MG60USGZ-MG60AA, GZ-MG67, GZ-MG67E, GZ-MG67EX, GZ-MG67AA, GZ-MG67EKGZ-MG70, GZ-MG70E GZ-MG70EK, GZ-MG70EX, GZ-MG70US, GZ-MG77GZ-MG77E, GZ-MG77EX, GZ-MG77AA, GZ-MG77EK, GZ-MG505, GZ-MG505EXGZ-MG505E, GZ-MG505AA, GZ-MG505EKFeatures: - Battery must be put into the charger system for charging- Smart LED charging status indicator (Red: Charging, Green: FullyCharged)- Quick charge with automatic constant current control preventsbattery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock- All devices have been tested one by onePackage Includes: - Battery Charger system- 2-plug power cable- Car Charger Adapter- not included = USB cable- not included = Micro USB cablePictures are only for illustration purposes! Delivery mayvary.

  • JVC

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