PATONA 4in1 Charger Minolta NP-900 NP900Slimline X4 X5 X6 DC5080 With this new charger system battery can becharged on 4 different ways: 2-plug power cable, car adapter,Micro-USB cable or USB cable. If you travel you will be veryflexible due to 4 different charging possibilities. Compatible to following batteries: MinoltaNP900, NP-900 Compatible modelnumber: Acer CS-5530, CS-5530, CS 6531-N Agfa 4Ti Aosta DA 4092, DA 5091, DA 5092, DA 5094 Avant S4, S6 Benq DC E43, DC E53, DC E720 Jenoptik JD 7.0z3s Konica Minolta Dimage E40, E50 Kyocera Yashica EZ 4033 Maginon DC-6600, DC-6800 Maginon Performic S5 Maginon Slimline X4, X5, X6, X50, X60, XS6 Medion MD 85700 Minox DC-4211, DC-5222 Praktica Luxmedia 7103 Prosio SlimNeo Xc534, Xi Revue DC5 super slim, DC50 slim, DC55 slim, DC6, DC6 super slim,DC65 slim Rollei - Prego DS6, Prego DP4200, DP5200, DP5700, DP6200 Sealife ReefmasterDC 500 TCM Tchibo 237525, Slimline X4 Traveler (Aldi) Slimline (Aldi) DC-5080, Traveler (Aldi) SlimlineX4, X5 X6, SuperSlim XS7 UFO DS5331, DS5080, DS5332 Vivitar ViviCam 5340s Voigtlander Virtus D4, D5, D6, D500, D600, S6 Yashica Kyocera EZ4033 Features: - Battery must be put into the charger system for charging - Smart LED charging status indicator (Red: Charging, Green: FullyCharged) - Quick charge with automatic constant current control preventsbattery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock - All devices have been tested one by one Package Includes: - Battery Charger system - 2-plug power cable - Car Charger Adapter - not included = USB cable - not included = Micro USB cable Pictures are only for illustration purposes! Delivery mayvary.

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