PATONA Premium 18650 Cell 18650 Li-ionBattery unprotected sharp/button top 3,7V 3350mAh LG Cell

Appellation: 18650 Li-Ion
Type: INR18650F1L
Cell-Typ: LG Capacity: 3350mAh
Nominal voltage: 3,7V
Charge voltage: 4,2V 0.05V
Discharge voltage: 2.5V
Maximum current delivery: 4875mA
Maximum charge current: 1625mA
Protective circuit PCB: not available
Positive pole: flat (FlatTop)
Diameter: 18.29 0.11mm
Height: 65.15mm
Weight: Max. 49.0g
Operating temperature: Charge 0-45C, Discharge -20-50C
Rechargeable: Yes
Charging cycles: 300
Charging method: CC-CV

- Please use only chargers specified for 18650 Cells with 4.2V tocharge the battery. Read the description of the 18650 charger andunderstand the charging method before usage.
- The Battery is a unprotected Flat-Top version. You should alwaysuse a protection circuit board (PCB) to Keep battery fromovercharged and over-discharged.
- Lithium cells may only be operated with protective electronicsand processed by qualified specialist personnel.
- Do not short-circuit and deeply discharge the batteries

Further information for LG INR18650F1Lcell can you find in the product specification here: LG INR18650F1L cell specification

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