PATONA Premium 14500 ICR14500 cellBattery Li-Ioncompatibleto: all devices in which a 14500 cell is required, e.g. inthe household, in model making, in the garden and leisure sectoretc.TechnicalData: Appellation: 14500 Li-IonType: ICR14500Capacity: 800mAhNominal voltage: 3,7VCharge voltage: 4,2V 0.02VDischarge voltage: 2.75Maximum charge current: 1500mADiameter: 14.3 0.2mmDiameter Pol: 7.3mmHeight: 50.5.0mmWeight: 20.0gOperating temperature: Charge 0-45C, Discharge -20-50CRechargeable: YesCharging cycles: 400Brand: PATONA PremiumSafetyinstructions: - Please use only chargers specified for 14500 Cells to charge thebattery. Read the description of the 14500 charger and understandthe charging method before usage.- Lithium cells may only be operated with protective electronicsand processed by qualified specialist personnel.- Do not short-circuit and deeply discharge the batteriesThings to know: The batteries of thePATONA brand have been known for many years for their very goodquality. Customers all over Europe are convinced of our batterieswith the highest cycle stability and emphasize the associated highnumber of possible charging and discharging cycles. This Li-Ionbattery replaces the Panasonic AG-VBR89G and features lowself-discharge even when not in use. This low energy loss pays offin three ways, because: 1) the battery can be used again quicklyeven when not in use for a long time 2) it does not have to becharged unnecessarily often, which influences the service life ofthe battery upwards and 3) the environment is also protected thanksto the minimal energy loss The claim of the PATONA brand is a highstandard of quality. Of course, this also includes extraordinarysafety standards. The perfectly compatible replica batteriesnaturally include all the electronic safety precautions of theoriginal batteries and meet the highest European quality standards.PATONA always offers top quality at fair prices. Even the brand'snew premium series can be purchased at affordable prices.Pictures are only for illustration purposes - delivery may vary.Offered is a product of the quality brand PATONA .

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