PATONA Battery for JBL Charge 2 PlusCharge 2+ Charge 3 2015 Charge 3 2015 Version GSP1029102RP763098TechnicalData: Voltage: 3,7 VoltCapacity: 6000mAh - 22,2 WhType: Li-PolymerCompatiblemodel number: JBLCharge 2 Plus, Charge 2+, Charge 32015, Charge 3 2015 VersionCompatiblepart numbers: JBLGSP1029102R, P763098Pleasenote! The cablesfor this battery are as follows: Version2Thepolarity varies depending on the year of manufacture.Therefore, please make sure to compare the connections of youroriginal battery with the connections in our photo.The red cables are on theleft if you look from above atthe contact shoe with the 5 contacts.If you have the red cables on the right, please use this version! Pictures are only forillustration purposes - delivery may vary. Offered is a product ofthe quality brand PATONA .

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