PATONA D-TAP Input Battery Adapter forFuji X-T3 VPB-XT3 NP-W126S HS33 EXR Fujifilm Finepix -Pro 1HS30New in the PATONA range are our D-TAP batteryadapters. These are designed to extend battery life. This gives youthe possibility to operate your conventional camera with a D-TAPoutput source independent of a fixed power source. Suitablebatteries with D-TAP output are e.g. V-Mount, Goldmount or SonyBP-A65, BP-U50, BP-U68 or BP-U100 battery and many more.Furthermore, the adapters can be used in monitors and LED lights inwhich a Fuji NP-W126 battery is used. 100% compatible with the original.TechnicalData: Input: D-TAP 14,8 VoltOutput: 7,4 VoltCable length approx: 40cmBrand: PATONA TheBattery Adapter is suitable for the following models: Fujifilm FinePixHS30 EXR, HS30EXR, HS-30EXR, HS33 EXR, HS33EXR, HS-33EXR, X100F,XA1, X-A1, XA2, X-A2, XA3, X-A3, XA5, X-A5, XA10, X-A10,XE1, X-E1,XE2, X-E2, XE3, X-E3, XES2, X-ES2, XH1, X-H1, XM1, X-M1, XPro 1,X-Pro 1, XPro2, X-Pro-2, X-Pro3, X-Pro-3, XT1, X-T1, XT-1, XT3,XT-3, VPB-XT3, XT10, X-T10, XT-10, XT20, X-T20, XT-20, XT30, X-T30,XT-30, XT100, X-T100This battery adapter replaces thefollowing original accessories: VP-W126Pictures are only for illustrationpurposes - delivery may vary. Offered is a product of the qualitybrand PATONA .

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