PATONA Dual charger with Powerbankfunction and memory card storage for Sony NP-FZ100With the new PATONA Dual Charger forSony NP-FZ100 you have everything in one box. Store and charge upto two batteries simultaneously. Furthermore there is space for upto 2 SD cards. The batteries can be used as external power bank. Amodern microcontroller controls the electronics. The charger can beconnected to the power source via either USB-C or Micro-USB port. Acontrol display informs you about the current usage (as charger oras powerbank) of the batteries.Terms of use: As a battery charger: Connectthe device to a power source. The LEDs flash red - green - blue.Now insert the batteries into the charging cups. As soon as the LEDlights green, the charging process is completed.As Powerbank: When thebatteries are charged, you can use the device as a power bank witha USB-A cable. To do this, connect the USB-A output to a compatibledevice such as a smartphone or tablet. The LED lights up blueduring the discharge process.You will receive a product from PATONA that you can always rely on.Exceptional reliability, long life and beautiful design will makeyour photo shoot an unforgettable experience.Technical Data: Input: USB-C - Micro-USB, 5V, 2,1A (min)Output: 2 x 8,4V/1000mAh *1, 500mAh *2Weight: 136gDimensions: 7,3 x 13 x 2,9 cm (B x L x T)Scope of delivery: charger, manualSuitable for the following cameratypes: Sony A7 III, A7 3, A7M3, Alpha A7 III, Alpha A7 3, Alpha 7 III,Alpha 7 3, Alpha 7M3Sony A7 R III, A7 R 3, A7RM3, Alpha A7 R III, Alpha A7 R 3, Alpha 7R III, Alpha 7 R 3, Alpha 7RM3, A7RIVSony A9, Alpha 9, Alpha 9IISony BC-QZ1Suitable for the following batterymodels: Sony NP-FZ100

  • Sony Ericsson

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